Ticket Details: Creating, Prioritizing, Responding
Posted by Jodi (Witte) Florence on 08-13-2016 02:06 PM

Creating Tickets:

All repairs are done strictly through this ticketing system, not by phone call, email, or in person request in the hallway.

Please do not create tickets for other people. It is very important that over time everyone in the district eventually creates their own account within this system so that they can always be notified of the status of their repairs, so they can communicate and update tickets when more information is available, and so they can also receive the important technical news that is sent out via this system. If your computer is down, and you need to create a ticket please use a computer in the lab or the media center to submit that ticket.

Ticket Priorities:

Please help us by correctly prioritizing your tickets.

Emergency: This is a major problem, i.e., whole network goes down, and needs immediate action from all who can help.

High Priority: The user who reported the problem needs immediate help. There is no work-around for the problem, and the user cannot work until the problem is solved.

Medium Priority: The problem is affecting the user's work, but there is a work-around until the problem is solved.

Low Priority: The problem is annoying and should be fixed, but it is not time critical.

Responding to tickets:

When you are asked to respond to a ticket, please log in your account, click on My Tickets tab, and open the ticket you want to add a response to.  There is a button that will allow you to leave a reply. Our ticketing system allows for us to track all steps from the time you enter a new ticket until the time it is solved. You will always know what is going on with any of your tickets and our technology staff will always know when there is an update, whether from another tech or a change in what you initially reported. If you  reply by email, be sure you keep the ticket ID number in the subject line so that it updates in our system.

Information, Information, Information:

The more detailed information you can include in your ticket, the better able we are to respond with the proper tools or parts, or if its a request, we are able to complete that request exactly as you want it, if we know exactly how you want it. If you leave out important information, such as your IP address when telling us your internet does not work, you are blocking us from a possible quick fix, or a clue as to exactly what we need to do. Please make sure you always include serial numbers, IP address, model and type, room # (yes people do forget to include this :), and then a detailed narrative of what the problem is, when it started, and any other information you can provide so that if we come fix the problem when you are not in your room, we still have enough information to get the job done right the first time.

In Summary - Always:

Submit your own tickets, prioritize them correctly, include as much info as possible for best response, and do log in to view status of your requests and to add additional relevant information directly to the ticket.

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