Youtube and Streaming Music
Posted by Jodi (Witte) Florence on 03-25-2016 11:25 AM

The issue with the security certificate of youtube has been resolved and you are now able to use youtube again, without problems.


We are getting many requests to open up Pandora. Streaming music will not be opened back up at this time. With hundreds of teachers and staff (and students) streaming music, we have a serious issue with our bandwidth and our network lags terribly during the day because of this. Streaming music interrupts and disrupts actual educational use of our network.

Until we have the capabilities in place to divide the student traffic from the teacher traffic, we just can't leave that open for everyone. We are working on a whole new network setup that will allow us to have totally different policies for teachers, but until that is in place, we ask that you please use another option to enjoy your music:
      A smart phone, ipod or mp3 player with speakers
      Bring CDs to play in your computer
      Listen to a radio

Thanks for your understanding!

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