Common Problems
Posted by Jodi (Witte) Florence on 08-13-2014 12:26 PM

Promethean Board not working? Bad AC3 driver? 

**UPDATED**  Please go to
and download the ActivDriver x32 Windows if you have a Dell Optiplex 755. If you have a different computer, please check System Properties to determine whether you have 32 bit or 64 bit Windows and download the appropriate driver for your Windows type. Run that file until it is finished, and then reconnect your USB cable that goes to your board.

If you would like to download the latest version of ActivInspire, you can find it here

Missing or Updated Applications you may need:

Go to to download the latest version of Adobe Reader. ** Be sure to UNCHECK the "Optional Offer" in the center pane of that window! 

Go to to download the latest version of Adobe Flash

Go to  to download the latest version of Java


We are seeing a lot of viruses all of a sudden, here is something to watch out for: If you are going to download software like Adobe or Mozilla Firefox make sure you are downloading from the official site, do not search for Mozilla (for example) and be fooled by downloading from a site with an address such as

The same goes for if you need a driver for installing a printer or want to update a driver. Don't ever download a "driver updater" that promises to keep all your drivers up to date. These are always bad news and you will end up with more trouble than you started with. Always go directly to the printer manufacturer's website (such as to obtain these files.

Do you have a virus? If you see some new software on your desktop suck as PC Optimizer or MyPCBackup, you have most likely stumbled upon a "downloader" program that is going to flood your computer with installs of programs you did not ask for. Its very important that you go into Control Panel/Programs/Uninstall Programs and uninstall the following: PC Optimizer, Driver Updater, KeepMySettingsX, ConverterFree, and Andromedand.



If your Sophos is not updating it is because I have not installed the latest version on your computer. We just received the new Sophos server about a week before school started, and it requires a new install on each computer. Sophos is still scanning and protecting your computer, although it has not received the latest virus definitions. I have already reinstalled Sophos on over 500 computers in the district and will get to all the rest very soon. Please keep in mind that there are still outstanding repairs that need to be done and Sophos will be completely finished as soon as the repairs have been taken care.

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